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Nothing But Chocolate

Specialty Desserts

The Cookie Tree is proud to introduce you to our delectable line of decadent gourmet desserts.  Our unique line rotates seasonally.  We are lucky to be in the midst of some of California's most delicious locally grown fruits and nuts.  We happily purchase as many ingredients as we can from our local farmers.

Some examples of our line-up might be fresh Cherry Crisps, Peach and Pear Crumbles, miniature Fruit Tarts, or fresh Strawberry Pie.  Cream Puffs also make a great summer treat!                                               

We offer a large variety of to die for Cheesecakes!

Cheesecakes Selection Includes But Not Limited To:

Chocolate                                                                           Chocolate Chip                                                                       Cherry                                                                                   Apple                                                                              Macadamia Pineapple Caramel with a molasses crust and crushed ginger                                                                    Coconut                                                                                 Key Lime                                                                        Butterscotch Caramel                                                              Lemon Curd                                                                      Strawberry Swirl                                                                  White Chocolate Raspberry                                                     Boysenberry                                                                        Blueberry                                                                     Raspberry                                                                            Plain                                                                                Vanilla Bean                                                                           Pecan Turtle

Cheesecakes run $30 for the Plain and Vanilla Bean, $35 for all other Specialty Cheesecakes 

Holiday Specials                                                                       Pumpkin Spice                                                                Gingerbread                                                                                 Egg Nog 

Cream Pies are also available upon special request:    Chocolate                                                                           Coconut                                                                                 Vanilla                                                                                Banana                                                                                  Key Lime

Other pies are also available with special order as well as holiday specials!

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