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About The Cookie Tree:

December 1981 brought the opening of The Cookie Tree. Two friends, after visits to San Francisco and other cities, decided they could make cookies just as good, if not better, than they had already experienced. With a limited amount of money, they set out and purchased used equipment, one oven, one pastry case, a used cash register, and found a little location on Plumas Street in Yuba City, California.  There they opened their gourmet cookie bakery. With no money for advertising, they counted on the quality of their product and the service they could offer their customers to build the foundation of their business. It was a success!

Three years later, one of the partners retired. Now Sue and Russ Smith are the sole owners of The Cookie Tree. With a business over 30 years old, they have expanded their company that now employs more than 20 people, donated thousands of dozens of cookies each year to their community, and have expanded for the third time!   Their latest physical location is anew beautiful 2,500 square foot store.

The new store operates with four ovens, has three display cases, and continues to offer the area's finest products and service. 
Crackle Baking fresh cookies daily and never compromising on quality ingredients has been the key to the success of their business. Because of the reputation of their product and service, Sue and Russ have been commissioned by many other families to assist in opening other cookie businesses around the United States. All of which are extremely successful today.

With consistency and a bit of innovativeness, The Cookie Tree continues to grow and change shape daily all the while the basis of the business remains the same, the cookies - baked fresh daily, always using quality, fresh ingredients, and never compromising on baking standards, The Cookie Tree will be here for generations to come.

"As managing partner of BilTek Profits, we often make special requests for customized cookies and we also purchase many other baked goods from The Cookie Tree. Our clientele are the upper affluent of our community and we would not present them with gifts that were anything other than the absolutes best. The Cookie Tree provides that caliber of product.  They always go over and beyond what I ask them to do and are very easy to work with."

Tierni Martins
Managing Partner & Public Relations Director of BilTek Profits.
The Yuba Sutter Areas Only Practice Management Consultants & Medical Billing Professionals